Bay Mak Mana 129

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B3F, CHSF, CL16F, F11F
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SCD: VA Tenderness:4 Bay Mak Mana 129 is from the elite Hisako cow family which is known for high quality meat traits including extremely high marbling. To our knowledge, Mana’s dam, Misami, is the number 2 marbling Wagyu Pfizer has ever tested; Mana’s 2nd dam, Misako, tested as the number 1 marbling Wagyu (as far as we know). Her sire YCB ITO MAKOTO 5626 (FB11765) is a high type son of TF ITOMICHI 1/2 (FB2126). Mana is a very impressive individual and has the long wide loin that is needed to produce high value Wagyu carcasses with high steak value. Her genetics and offspring (who match her in wide loin) are sought after by breeders from around the world. Her sons will be entering stud and will help to improve carcass quality into the next generation.

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1st DAM: Misami: She is the 2nd highest marbling wagyu ever tested by Pfizer that we know of.

2nd DAM : Misako: Highest tested marbling wagyu ever tested by Pfizer that we know of.

3rd DAM: Hisako: She is one of the breeds most consistent transmitting cows, and comes from the respected FUKUKANE 609926 (FB606). cow family form Japan. Hisako traces all the way back to Fukukane who is out of a cow from Japan and is sired by Nakazutsumi; dam is Kanetani,. Sire: JVP Fukutsuru carries great genetic potential in his offspring to produce high quality carcass and marbling. He was at one time, the #1 marbling bull in the US. The Kikutsuru line family, has produced high profitability and grossing bulls, like Yasutsuru Doi and Fukutsuru. This family is also from Tajima line. Kikutsuru has transmitted great breeding, carcass, and bulls for stud use. From what we know, all of her 16 natural born calves were famous Wagyu’s in Japan for genetics. Tanifukudoi’s offspring are written to be the building core of Japan’s Wagyu population. This family is very high on meat traits like: marbling, meat color, texture, and flavor. Kikutsuru is called the hyogo cow. Hisako offspring—Bulls have great promise in the breed Michitsuru has a high rate of his steers grade 9 or higher in Australia. Performance traits: balanced, growth of animals, and quality meat Daughter Misako, #1 genomic marbling animal of the breed that we know of.