Bay Sanj Kumiko 147-ET

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|SCD: VA; Tenderness: 7; Kumiko is both the highest marbling female (that we know of) from the great Anio 6 cow family, and one of the hightest type females in the breed. She has proven herself as an excellent show animal. This cow family has produced highly scored bulls used to increase frame and milking ability. This family’s genetics has been used on Tajima to provide more milk and increase their mothering abilities. Kumiko’s 6th dam is the genetic powerhouse Aino 6 cow who produce many elite wagyu animals. Her offspring has some of the best rumps that the breed has ever seen, supporting their udders to provide excellent milking abilities. TF Itohana 2 was one of her famous sons. He made great framed cattle along with strong maternal abilities, solid milking, and big powerful mature cattle. Kumiko won her class at World Beef Expo in 2015 and is out of some of the biggest framed cattle we have ever seen. She is by far the tallest yearling that has ever been at Designer Wagyu. In her direct pedigree you will find Itomichi appear multiple times as her dam is sired by the great Itomichi ½ who is a son of Itomichi. (The great Aino 6 is also sired by Itomichi.) Itomichi’s genetics bring in the high type along with good frames which has been passed on to Kumiko who excels in these traits as well as strong growth and milking abilities. Kumiko is sire by WORLD K'S SANJIROU (FB2501) and could be one of his most correct daughters. Her offspring will soon be born and we predict that they will have excellent growth and large framed traits like her and her family. When combining the high type along with the high marbling power, this Aino 6 female will increase the profitability index with in your own breeding program.

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1st Dam : YCB ITO KAMEYO 5635 (FB11981): Kameyo is one of Itomichi ½ highest type daughters we have ever seen. Her deep sweep to her rear rib is what you are looking for in the breed. She also has a wide rear udder along with a welded on fore udder attachment that helps produce the high volume of milk that this family is known for. Another great profitable trait the she has is her productive life—a leading trait that the Aino 6 cow family transmits.

1st Dam (additional picture): YCB ITO KAMEYO 5635 (FB11981)

2nd Dam: YCB ALZAKIKU KYOKO 3601-10 (FB11980): Kyoko is the true definition of productive life. She is over 15 years old and still continues to calve on time. She has passed this trait onto her offspring which also shows what a strong and true transmitting cow family the Aino 6 is. Kyoko’s feet and legs are as correct as you will find in the breed. She also passes to her offspring her complete frame and product mammary system. Her eye catching udder, which is a strong trait in the Aino 6 family, is not only above her hocks but still is producing at high volume. This demonstrates her strong maternal abilities as well. This cow family is not only one of the more profitable cow families in the meat sector but is also dominating in the show ring as well. Her granddaughter, by Sanjirou, is undefeated in the show ring and has a bright future ahead of her.