TF Itohana 2

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B3F, CHSF, CL16F, F11C
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|This bull produces good quality carcasses and adds good milking ability to the Tajima lines. He is ideal for producing breeding females and is a line bred of Dai 7 Itozakura. TF Itohana 2 is a Fujiyoshi Fullblood Wagyu bull used to increase frame size and improve maternal ability. The progeny of TF Itohana 2 also exhibit excellent maternal ability, good milking ability and good frame size. He is a male calf of Aino 6 -- a notable fact given that 100% of the carcasses (17 of 17 cattle slaughtered) from the Aino group graded A-5 - the highest grade possible and the average live weight was 1,040 lbs.

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